Kick off your week with some Connection, Community & Co-working!

Looking for a virtual co-working event that will help you connect with others, while still providing a get-shit-done atmosphere?

How does Connection, Community & Co-working... work exactly?

Connection, Community, Co-working is a weekly two-hour virtual co-working event every Monday afternoon, designed to help you focus on what you really need to get done and do it using the anti-procrastination Pomodoro Technique.

How does it work?
We'll follow the Pomodoro Technique, which means we work in three batches of 25 minutes, separated with a 5 minute break.

Mondays, 2-4pm GMT. Pop-in for one Pomodoro or for the entire event, it's totally up to you!

Nice to meet you,

I'm Saloni!

As a Marketing Consultant, Writer, and Happiness & Wellbeing Coach with a few things to juggle, I've got lots of experience with the frustration of a never-ending to-do list and the incredible temptation to procrastinate! Believe me, I understand the struggle!

That's why I've created this powerful weekly virtual co-working session, tailored to help you reclaim your time and get things ticked off that to-do llist using the renowned Pomodoro Method.

During our two-hour co-working event, held every Monday afternoon, you'll experience the magic of connecting with like-minded individuals while fostering a productive and supportive environment.

Join us and kick off your Mondays by getting shit done!

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So, what happens next? Once you've filled out the form below, you'll get an email with a Zoom link, it's the same link every week and you can join as and when you're able to! Sometimes my emails can end up in your junk or spam folder, so please rescue them to make sure you get the Zoom link!

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